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International Women's Day

8 March 2024


After the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement, the International Women’s Day has assumed a new meaning for us in Iran. There is a movement in the country now that can be the wellspring of fundamental changes. To celebrate this second March 8th celebration after the emergence of the movement, the Art/Culture/Action Collective asked several artists to respond to these issues with images. What is before you now is the product of that effort. This zine is presented in a simple and accessible format so that it can be shared with people in Iran and across the globe in a free, democratic, and public manner. To promote values like collaborative work and solidarity, with the assent of participating artists, we are publishing these works anonymously.


Wherever you may be, we invite you to download the pdf file of this zine and to photocopy or print as many copies as you wish and make them available to others for free. After printing, fold this zine like a map and browse.

Woman, Life, Freedom

Download Link, No. 1

Art/Culture/Action Paper, No
. 1
Download 1 • 12.08MB

Download Link, No. 2

Art_Culture_Action Paper, No
. 2
Download 2 • 9.21MB


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