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“Art/Culture/Action” is a global collective of Iranian artists, critics, and art practitioners who came together in Fall 2022 in response to historic changes brought about by the “Woman, Life, Liberty” movement.

“Art/Culture/Action” is focused on the social and political rights and liberties of artists, writers, and scholars in Iran and across the world. Above all, the collective defends and works to expand a) the unalienable rights of artists and writers to freely express their ideas about all cultural, political, and social issues; b) the unalienable rights of women and people marginalized due to their ethnicity, race, sexuality, or personal beliefs; c) the unalienable rights of students and scholars to unreservedly share and discuss their thoughts and political ideas on university campuses and other academic environments. Beyond political persuasions or affiliations, “Art/Culture/Action” works against systemic mechanisms of censorship, threat, suppression, intolerance, and illegal surveillance or control which stymie the free flow of information in democratic societies. The collective aspires to achieve these goals by calling the members of its community to various types of social actions; organizing public and private events to raise awareness about violations of free expression; and, documenting the records of such abuses and providing help to people who have been negatively impacted by them. “Art/Culture/Action” invites artists, writers, critics, art historians, and curators in all media and fields, including visual arts, film, performance, and design, to join the collective in the cause.


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Art/Culture/Action WOMAN, LIFE, FREEDOM THE ROLE OF ART IN THE STRUGGLE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS This book has been made possible by the Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) and the generous support of the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts. Our deepest thanks to Amir Soltani for his tireless support and vision for advancing human rights here and around the world. Thanks, as well, to Jamie Wolf, Allison Lee, Jenn Dees, and to Louise Steinman, for her guidance as a member of the 2023 PEN America World Voices curatorial committee.


از وظایف کانون «هنر /فرهنگ/کنش » مبارزه با سانسور حکومتی در ایران است. کتاب پوسته ها از سوی وزارت ارشاد ممنوع اعلام شده است. از نویسندهٔ کتاب، ژرژ دیدی هوبرمن، فیلسوف و تاریخ نگار هنر و نیز قاسم روبین، مترجم کتاب، سپاسگزاریم که بی چشم داشتی این کتاب را برای انتشار مجازی در اختیار ما گذاشتند.


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